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We are a non-profit based in Madison, TN. We exist to see the greater Nashville area live healthier lives, and have every tool necessary to achieve upward socio-economic mobility.

About Us

Our Food Runs

Each week on Wednesdays, our team rents a 26-foot Penske truck and takes it to the Bridge Ministry warehouse, where anywhere from 8-15 pallets of fresh produce, non-perishable snacks, breads, or sweets are loaded up. The truck and volunteers then head out to between 5 and 8 different partners and Section 8 federally funded low-income housing locations in the greater Nashville area. At each location, a portion of the food is unloaded and distributed to the residents. Our volunteers make a point to have conversation with residents, getting to know them and any other needs they might have. We strive to provide not only food, but encouragement and consistent relationships as well! The “run” starts at 10:00am and goes till approximately 1:00pm!

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About Us

Who We Serve

Partner Ministries & Non-Profits

Such as:
The Madison Church of Christ
East Nashville Cooperative Ministries Food Bank
The Pavilion Church
The Store
& much more!

Families in need

Partnering with Section 8 Federally Funded Low-Income Apartments as well as delivering directly to those who have need within the city of Nashville!

Outreach Base Nashville

See a need, meet it. See a hurt, heal it.

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“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” 
— Mahatma Gandhi