How we started

See a need, meet it. See a hurt, heal it.

food run 2

Outreach Base Nashville started with the kindness of a pastor trying to help his community. Seven years ago, Bart Williams, pastor of the Pavilion Church in Madison, began taking his church bus to a local food bank, loading it up, and delivering to a low income housing facility. Over the past seven years, he continued to be faithful to help the community even without any volunteers.

In late 2016, Bart, through Pavilion Church, rented our first box truck and was able to get 6 pallets of produce and groceries to the needy and poor. The increase was enough that he was able to set up weekly deliveries to multiple low income housing complexes in Nashville. The Pavilion has rented a truck weekly ever since. In early 2017, Outreach Base Nashville was formed as a separate non-profit, in order to better serve our community by specifically targeting the needs of the economically disadvantaged.

On our weekly food run, we now deliver 14 pallets worth of food and serve 8 low income housing facilities. But the best part is, we can do more. There is more food that we can deliver and there are more places to deliver. We are currently working to obtain our own refrigerated truck and increase our food run to three or four times a week. We increased our volunteers from Pastor Bart Williams, to up to 20 volunteers making a difference in our community.

Help us expand our impact! Volunteer, donate, and spread the word!! We are out to make a change!

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