• Provide the needy in Nashville with nutritious food on a regular basis – Purchase or lease our own 26 foot refrigeration truck. This enables us to expand our weekly food run to 3 times per week. This will enable us to serve up to 3000 Nashville residents each week, with 2-3 days worth of produce and grocery items!
  • Help ensure that Nashville children are well-fed, even on the weekends- Continue weekend meal delivery for local Nashville schools. Expand to more schools if given the opportunity.
  • Have the flexibility to deliver goods whenever needed- Upgrade our bus to a more current model for small load deliveries.



  • Reduce language barriers in the workforce- Hire a certified ESL (English as a Second Language) instructor, and hold a 12-week course in English education for adult learners. The course will be held 3 times annually
  • Empower adult learners- Hire a certified TN teacher to hold a 12-week GED preparation course, meeting twice a week. The course will be held 3 times annually.
  • Care for children and families- Establish an affordable day care in the facility behind Due West Towers, enabling parents with young children to participate fully in their education and employment.
  • Equip people with skills needed in the job force- Provide 4 week skills courses in medical aid, culinary arts/restaurant management, and childcare services, as participants shadow volunteers and employees in our kitchen, clinic, and day care.



  • Equip people with self-defense competency- Continue and expand our martial arts program to 12 week courses, held 3 times annually.
  • Inspire women to maintain active lifestyles- Continue and expand our women’s fitness program to 12 week courses, held 3 times annually.
  • Break the cycle of addiction- host a Celebrate Recovery class on a weekly basis, for people who struggle with drug, alcohol, or other addictive behavior
  • Educate people about health and wellness- Host a free nutrition course to inform people of healthy diet, exercise, and lifestyle habits.
  • Provide medical services- Convert part of our building into a free, walk-in medical clinic to provide care for minor conditions and consulation services.



  • Bring people together to make connections and meet needs- Twice a year, host a community “block party” for the city of Madison, including food, games, prizes, as well as featuring local artists and area businesses.
  • Empower people to grow their own food- Establish a community garden in which area residents can learn to plant, cultivate, and harvest fresh produce.
  • Provide clothing to the community- Establish a community clothes closet where donated clothing is sorted, organized, and made available to the Madison community.
  • Bring people together over a meal- create a full-service restaurant style kitchen, where the menu has no prices. Patrons may give a donation for their meal, and those that are unable to donate may donate an hour of their time in the kitchen, helping to clean dishes, and stock food items.


Transitional Living:

  • Facilitate short-term housing in emergency situations- Coordinate with local shelters and hotels for short-term, emergency stays.
  • Assist in Individualized Assessment Advancement- provide supplemental funding for those needing to complete exams or tests in order to obtain final certifications.
  • Partner with local businesses to create stable job opportunities- In tandem with our skills training courses, establish good relationships with area businesses and help to place worthy applicants in stable job environments.
  • Targeted transitional living- Purchase and renovate at least one complete floor at Due West Towers, in order to provide long-term transitional housing for those wishing to break the cycle of poverty, with the ultimate goal of graduates who have a steady income, necessary social and economic skills, and ability to sustain rent and bills.


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