Our mission is simple: See a need, meet it. See a hurt, heal it. 

Our vision for Outreach Base Nashville is right there in the name. We want to create a “base” of resources for those in need in our community. Our big vision is this: to purchase the Old Nashville Memorial Hospital, fix it up, and fill the 550,000 sq. ft. with non-profits and ministries. This currently partially occupied building could be filled with safe harbor housing, emergency shelter resources, warming shelter in winter, food bank and kitchen, job skill trainings and assistance, basic medical and mental health care, after school resources and help, and so much more. This isn’t a one man job – by partnering with existing non-profits and ministries we can expand the impact to the city, as well as the expertise and specialty that some of these needs require.

So how does this happen?
By starting where we are with what we have doing what we can! 

To find out more information, email us!

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